Fox from the Mill

Working upon traditional (folklore) aspects and felicitous side of nature; art is (in my opinion) metaphorically expressing an infinite visual tale.

Loose format of landscape and the same landscape on paper echoing an impression in ambiguous form; an invitation to imagine for the artist and viewer, opening of a close and often very fragile dialogue.

The first thought of an artist can be triggered by different experiences, from romanticized archaic heritage to the absence of authentic artistry in an mainstream environment - the result is following a hidden philosophical perspective, a response to inheritance and intimacy.


I was born in 1981 in Czechoslovakia and my family was accustomed to an eccentric (artistic) environment.

Diverse art direction experience with minimalists sustainable brands and independent publishers reconnected my childhood relationship with natural landscape.

I become solicitous about its patterns, surfaces and secrets from a different angle, yet ever more inquisitive to play…, experimenting with natural materials, media and form.

Reflection of similar themes adapted for children are visible in my art lessons; each young student bringing their own tradition and enthusiasm;  framing a vice versa inspirational space.

~ Anna Dumon                                                                                                                            

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