Fox from the Mill

Loose format of landscape is echoing an impression in ambiguous form - an invitation to imagine, an opening of a close and often very fragile relationship (Storytelling, Études, River)

Fragile Moments / Ponds project with @stillbara and @femini art direction, landscape art, fine art photography

ÉTUDES and RIVER drawing and landscape photography collage

Collection of photos on STORYTELLING theme ~ (left) Suvi linen with Anna H., Études, (below right) Variations, Fragile moments / Ponds, Morning nomads, Autumn contemplation, (below left) Morning nomad's dream with @stillbara

"Anna works with a vision of the world in its fullness, its constant movement and belief in a higher order. Her storytelling carries the depth of feelings, addresses the inner world, resonates and inspires.

Working with her is always a process that brings far more than you expect." 

~ Veronika Alexová, author and herbalist

Collection of photos on ÉTUDES theme ~ Winter reflection, Watermill storage, Bohemian nature notes, Morning nomads, Letters from Slovakia

The minimalist concept, local sources together with traditional recipes inspired the magazine readers to look into their gardens, the nearest meadows and forest to collect herbs. (Bohemian nature notes with @veronika alexová )

Photography, art direction, concept, styling

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