Working upon ecological and spiritual aspects of the felicitous side of nature; art is (in my opinion) metaphorically expressing an infinite visual tale. Loose format of landscape and the same landscape expressed artistically echoing an impression in ambiguous form; an invitation for the artist and viewer, opening of a close and often very fragile dialogue within natural environments ~ an invitation to feel, to hear, to believe and to see.

I was born in 1981 in Czechoslovakia and my family was accustomed to an eccentric (artistic) environment - a response to various heritage influences (Celtic & Slavic, ...) and arduous history.
I grew up in (pittoresque) Prague's Old Town veiled in abysmal grays of totality, yet an abstract atmosphere of times long past.
In variation, I spent my childhood in the valley of a solitude water mill and in a cabin under the weir on the Eger river and other enchanting and tangled natural spaces.

Diverse art direction experience with minimalist sustainable companies, independent publishers and galleries; pedagogic experiential learning and course, reconnected my childhood relationship with natural landscape & folklore.

I become solicitous about the symbolism - etheral perspectives - from a different angle, yet ever more inquisitive to immerse…, experimenting with natural materials, media and form.

At various projects and collaborations - I am opening a (fragile) dialogue researching contemporary and historical exploitation of Earth-as-Woman and vice versa - reassessing such concepts via visual & performing arts narrative (MA Fine Arts) - through ecofeminist and spiritual ecology perspectives - inheritance and intimacy.

Anna Dumon ~ Fox from the Mill

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