Fine arts / Storytelling


Mixed media, landscape art and collaborations.

Based on tales, with focus on folklore; main theme or in context styling.

Photography / Design


Photo sessions, visual concepts, art direction.

Fine art, landscape & lifestyle. Natural light, folk, storytelling.

Creative / Expressive


Art lessons for individuals and groups (school workshops).

Guidance and sessions on expressing emotions.

Conscious / Intuitive


Sustainable and ethical products  photo stories.

Workshops on creative photography (family portraiture and natural compositions).

"Anna is an artist who can visualise every moment, inheriting in her storytelling not only objects of the physical world, but also the one of thoughts, feelings and beyond.

She can work with a theme - however abstract and retell it in an aesthetically refined form - always with a conceptual overlay and timelessness."

Veronika Alexová ~ author and herbalist @deer_medicine

"Anna could work for me as a photographer as well as graphic designer."

"She is an open, honest and warm person,  her ideas and advice have given a new professional and personal look to my work as a freelance musician."

"Anna gives close attention to the details with a very creative and artistic eye."

Paula Pantín ~ clarinetist & music teacher

"Anna’s raison d’être is educating art. The emotional, educational, mental, cognitive and physical benefits of art are at the heart of her teaching philosophy. Anna treats each child individually and her gentle and kind nature brings out the best in them. When she taught my daughter, Anna introduced a different perspective, sparked reflection and conversation."

Claire Sansone ~ modern languages teacher, CELTA

I was honored to collaborate with Anna for more than five years."

"Her style in five words: Pure, ethereal, enchanting - original and elegant."

Anna Hrudková ~ an entrepreneur, pioneer of sustainable, fair-trade and original fashion in Czech Republic

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